June 14, 2006

My Trip to JPL on Google's new Web Album Service

Shortly after we launched Mars.google.com, Vint Cerf asked my friend Michael and I to come with him on a trip to JPL to talk with some of the folks there. I took pictures. Be sure to zoom in on some of them. Pretty neat stuff: My Trip to JPL.

We got to see a lot of cool things and talk to some very neat people. This is also my inaugural use of my employers new web photo hosting service. I like the zoom and drag stuff probably best of all.

I know people will compare it to Flickr, which is of course expected. Flickr is a great service, and I have an account there as well but...semper company and all that, I try to use the services Google creates. If nothing else, I can file bugs and feature requests directly :-) But so far, I like it.

The picture to the right is Vint Cerf wearing 3D shutter glasses. He's the father of the internet.....wearing 3D shutter glasses!

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Elliot said...

Wow! You came to JPL with Vint Cerf? I'm there now! Hope to meet you someday, Chris.