May 1, 2006

Quickies all about me :-)

1) Floss 4 should be out soon...I chatted with Chromatic about perl 6. Which is awesome.
2) My allergies have kicked up. Which sucks.
3) Student applications are now being accepted for Summer of Code. Which is awesome.
4) I was a guest of honor at Penguicon in Michigan this year. It was awesome.
5) I spoke at Irvine's ISR. It was a good gig.
6) At Penguicon, Rob Landley dropped some Liquid Nitrogen into the pool. It was cool.

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Andrew Hitchcock said...

At one of my birthday parties during the elementary school years (maybe 4th grade), my parents brought in some folks from the Pacific Science Center who did a liquid nitrogen demonstration for us (they have traveling demonstration vans that can be sent out). It was rad.

After the show, we had them pour it out in our hot tub, but it wasn't as cool as the pool in this video.