May 12, 2006

Fluxx Variations #1: Passive Agressive Flux

For the very fun game of Fluxx, here's a new way of playing it that my daughter came up with and that my wife named: Passive Agressive Fluxx. Here's what you do: You play the game normally except that..

a) All keepers are played immediately.
b) The player never gets to play his or her own cards.
c) During a turn, the player will draw, then the plays are made by the player to the persons right, then that persons right and so on and so on (always skipping the person whose turn it is)

That's it!

My daughter came up with some cool new card ideas too:




Happy kitten: Kitten & Milk
Napping Kitten: Kitten and Sun
Catfight: Kitten and War

Etc, etc...

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Ben Collins-Sussman said...

Sweet! I love Flux!