May 7, 2006

Coming this week....

2 Podcasts featuring moi. I graced Twit 53 with my presence and we have an awesome Floss coming out with Miguel De Icaza. So lucky, your ears will be! Anyhow, keep an eye on Twit for more info about that.

The Summer of Code application process is coming to a close. We have less apps this year but the apps are hugely better. This year was probably a bit more intimidating for people, more projects, more ideas, more FAQs and real work waiting for them. Last year we had maybe 1000 applications I thought had a chance of being selected, this year we probably passed at least 1600 of them with 24 hours to go. Anyhow, it's amazing to watch it all happen, for sure.

Also, bought new shows. Yay me. My feet are still getting used to them.


Sprouts said...

i think you mean shoes :P

FLOSS is awesome..can't wait for the next episode!

Sprouts said...

i think you mean shoes :P

FLOSS is awesome Chris! Can't wait for the next episode!

Elliot said...

Quality, not quantity, right? I only submitted one application, but it's a good one (IMHO :)

Jaap said...

I listened to your interview with CmdrTaco, and was horrified to learn you didn't have your biography up on Wikipedia ;) .... so I created the article. Please take a look and fix any mistakes you can see. If you don't like editing your own article just leave a message on the talk page and I'll fix it up for you. Cheers!

Anonymous said...


I learned BASIC back in the 80s, and while I can help end users USE computers, am out of the heavy tech stuff.

I have downloaded the latest X Code from Apple, and would love to have MPlayer used as a tutorial for compiling...issues like platform, and even processor limitations within platform, etc.

This may be too simple a topic?

Further, someone tell me why I can (and do) get a binary of WebKit, VLC, or Camino, Firefox, etc...of nightlies and mPlayer wants you to download source, codecs, fonts and compile your own...seems to me alot more folks would test if it were possible?

Thanks for your consideration

- Mark, Pittsburgh

GeekyGirl Dawn Foster said...

Any luck finding the Miguel telenovela show? I would love to watch it!