May 31, 2006

I've got a future as a spokesmodel

The second one in a few weeks! Check out the picture attached to PC's That Are a Lot Smaller Than a Breadbox - New York Times. That's right, you're looking at my future as a hand model.

I should consider a manicure.

May 20, 2006

My one word review of the DaVinci Code.....


Okay, why?

So Google was nice enough to take us all out to the movies, which is fun regardless of the movie we choose, but this movie was kind of a dud. It was laughably bad at parts, with Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon doing his best South Park imitation of Jeff Goldblum. It was all tell and no show.

Redeeming factors:

Ian McKellen: He could make a yogurt commercial enjoyable.
Audrey Tautou: She was radiant, but even she emailed in this performance.

Other bits:

Lord I was bored. I was also too close to the screen, headache city. Maybe if I had been further back, maybe, say, at my sisters house in San Jose where I would've watched a good movie, I would have enjoyed it. What did you think, oh blog readers?

How do you take these actors and make a cruddy film? Who knows. It'll probably pass a billion in receipts.

May 14, 2006

Lost World. (new video found)

So one of the really great things about Lost is how they've been using the internet to spread around the story and engage people. I was surfing today on Google Video and found a heretofore unseen (by me anyway) video detail the function of the different Dharma Stations on the island. Which made me look for other things, and I found this Valenzetti video and then this gem collecting the Phone Messages that you can find when you call their number. The Hanso Foundation is a corporation in the game.

All in all, an awesome presentation. When I was running a game company, way back when, we tried to do things like this, but never to this degree. the only thing I would have done differently was smudge the valenzetti video a little, it looks a little too much like a vectron.

May 12, 2006

Fluxx Variations #1: Passive Agressive Flux

For the very fun game of Fluxx, here's a new way of playing it that my daughter came up with and that my wife named: Passive Agressive Fluxx. Here's what you do: You play the game normally except that..

a) All keepers are played immediately.
b) The player never gets to play his or her own cards.
c) During a turn, the player will draw, then the plays are made by the player to the persons right, then that persons right and so on and so on (always skipping the person whose turn it is)

That's it!

My daughter came up with some cool new card ideas too:




Happy kitten: Kitten & Milk
Napping Kitten: Kitten and Sun
Catfight: Kitten and War

Etc, etc...

May 10, 2006

Whose beautiful hand was that?

So the homebrew mobile club met at Google the other week, and the sjmn's photographer asked me to hold some stuff for a picture of the technology: | 05/10/2006 | New can-do club wants to build better cell phone

Click on "more photos". I know! Very exciting. Also, speaking at the CC Salon tonight in about ..oh..10 minutes. Come check it out?

May 7, 2006

Coming this week....

2 Podcasts featuring moi. I graced Twit 53 with my presence and we have an awesome Floss coming out with Miguel De Icaza. So lucky, your ears will be! Anyhow, keep an eye on Twit for more info about that.

The Summer of Code application process is coming to a close. We have less apps this year but the apps are hugely better. This year was probably a bit more intimidating for people, more projects, more ideas, more FAQs and real work waiting for them. Last year we had maybe 1000 applications I thought had a chance of being selected, this year we probably passed at least 1600 of them with 24 hours to go. Anyhow, it's amazing to watch it all happen, for sure.

Also, bought new shows. Yay me. My feet are still getting used to them.

May 2, 2006

Mentos and Diet Coke ... For Science!

Just when you thought all the Mentos had been dropped in all the Diet Cokes in the world, we thought that a certain discipline was needed that was missing from the current offerings.

For instance:

Does the size of the Diet Coke influence the reaction?
Can you use Sugarless Mentos? Fruit flavored?
Does it work with Caffeine Free Diet Coke? C2? Regular Coke?
Can you do it twice with the same Diet Coke?
Does using more Mentos change anything?

Anyhow, these and other amazing questions answered, in our video:

For Science!

May 1, 2006

Quickies all about me :-)

1) Floss 4 should be out soon...I chatted with Chromatic about perl 6. Which is awesome.
2) My allergies have kicked up. Which sucks.
3) Student applications are now being accepted for Summer of Code. Which is awesome.
4) I was a guest of honor at Penguicon in Michigan this year. It was awesome.
5) I spoke at Irvine's ISR. It was a good gig.
6) At Penguicon, Rob Landley dropped some Liquid Nitrogen into the pool. It was cool.