April 12, 2006

Second(ish) PodCast recorded.

The second Floss Weekly should be up on Twit.tv and iTunes on Friday. Check it out. For this show, I brought along Ben Goodger. Next week I want to have Jeremy Allison as my guest. (He reads the blog :-), Hi Jeremy. )

Something like 14,000 people listened (or downloaded, anyhow) to the debut show and Apple chose it as a New and Notable technology podcast, which was really neat. Thanks Apple! Anyhow, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast and be sure to listen.


Anonymous said...

Yeah a'right.

Won't be as good as the first one we did though.... :-).

Call me to arrange the time.


Lone Wolf said...

Love the podcast. Too lazy to email my suggestion for music. Totally open and geeky music at http://www.jonathancoulton.com
All his work is creative commons.

gff said...


You mentioned in your floss episode 2, that you use ubuntu. I am also an ubuntu user; I was wondering what if any Aggregator do you use on ubuntu?


Anonymous said...

I listened to both of the podcasts. I really enjoyed the content. Keep it coming.

Michael Bresnahan said...

Well so far I have only been able to listen to the 1st half, darn kids want to play baseball since the snow melted :-D. First half was great, can't wait for more.