April 20, 2006

A note to our friends in the spam trade...and a note about Floss Weekly 3

I don't speak:


And a variety of other languages.

What also baffles me is why, pray tell, do they think I'll buy their pump and dump otc stocks?

Sigh. 2:22am and spam as far as the eye can see.

More later...car picking me up in an hour, heading to Michigan. Floss weekly will be a little late this week, going to interview some pals down there, re-enact a little Geeks in Space or something :-)


Michael Bresnahan said...

Michigan, you're getting close to my neck of the woods :-D have a good trip,

Horst Gutmann said...

Hm... I think I've never got spam in Korean yet. But Russian is quite high on my list now. I guess I have to work more to get something like this :)