April 22, 2006

Floss 3 is up!

This time I interview my pal Rob Malda, I'm pretty happy with how it went. Go check it out: TWiT.tv/floss3


Anonymous said...

Geeks in space.
Now that was the first podcast.


Greg Linden said...

Hi, Chris. I appreciate you two doing this podcast interview, but, I have to say, it's a great example of why I hate podcasts.

I tuned in hoping to hear more about Slashdot, plans for the moderation system, and discussion of other examples out there like del.icio.us or Digg.

You and Rob did spend a minute or two on that, but it was scattered across an hour of mindless, directionless banter. It had the feel of eavesdropping on two friends small talking over beer, not of an interview.

And this is really the problem with podcasts. They take so much time to listen to. There's no way to skim them like with articles or weblog posts. I find it really painful to listen to them if they aren't tight, well-edited, and on-topic.

I do appreciate you doing the interview. But I am disappointed that I will have to wait before I get an opportunity to hear Rob and your insights on potential improvements to how Slashdot focuses reader's attention on interesting posts and comments.

Perhaps you could consider a followup? Perhaps an interview posted to your weblog discussing Slashdot, del.icio.us, and Digg with Rob? I certainly would enjoy that, and I suspect many others would as well.

Thanks, Chris.

Nigel said...

I tend to agree with Greg's comments and with those who voiced their opinions on twit.tv (http://twit.tv/floss3#comment). I can't help but think that if Leo had participated in the podcast, he would have kept it on track with his set of prepared questions (which were clearly not prepared for this particular interview).

Floss #2 was so good that I was shocked upon hearing how bad Floss #3 turned out.

Perhaps going forward Leo could assist with planning the question set for the interview so as to keep the conversation on track.

Floss #3 is an example of what happens when one doesn't plan one's interview.

I have high hopes that Floss #4 will be much better.

Hang in there. I think there is a great podcast about to emerge from this effort.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... but I agree mostly with greg. Think of all the things you 'could' have discussed, but instead we get Star Trek rehash.

If your heart is not into doing this, do something else... please.

Chris DiBona said...

My heart not in it? I appreciate the constructive criticism, but the heart in it stuff is a little strange. I love this little podcast thing.