March 5, 2006

Podcasting? TWiOS

So I was recently approached by my old TSS pal Leo Laporte about doing a weekly half hour podcast about Open Source. Leo has been doing a pretty fun podcast called This Week in Tech that is pretty good. We are planning on starting This Week in Open Source this week on Wednesday and if you stay tuned I'll put up the link to the feed when it is ready to ship. It'll mostly be me yammering, but some of my pals in open source have told me they're willing to be my victims. I'll also take questions.

You can help me by posting them in the comments here, think of some sticky or basic questions about open source, or, if you already know the answer but have an open source topic you'd like to hear me yammer about, post em in the comments.

Also this week: Next certificate in my masters starts at school and my team at work is really firing on all cylinders, so should be a busy time.


Zee said...

Does the open source community really create better quality software than commercial ones?

Thank you.

Andrew Hitchcock said...

Maybe talk about innovation in Open Source. OSS often gets flack for duplicating the interfaces and features already found in mainstream software (case in point, Songbird vs iTunes).

Michael Bresnahan said...

Windows & Mac seem to be all over wi-fi & applications that find open wi-fi right away, Linux seems to be lacking in this area, without some work arounds, what are the plans for future distro's to cover this>

Somthing along those lines,

look forward to hearing the show, like all the other TWIT cast they have

Anonymous said...

Maybe talk about what's going on with the PalmOS - Access Linux Platform (ALP) announcement and what you think that means to the open source community?

Also tie in what is going on with Linux/OSS in the PDA/cell phone/mp3 markets? Listening to they seem to know something is going on with Linux but don't have good specifics.

Finally it seems microsoft is trying to lock out other OSes with their PlayForSure program.

Anonymous said...

Talk about how Linux is used through out google? Talk about the announcement that google is going to be using Ubuntu?