March 26, 2006

Podcast Delayed is not Podcast Denied

Hello citizens, I regret to inform you that the FLOSS weekly (with Chris DiBona) podcast got, um, screwed up, so we need to rerecord the first two episodes. Leo had problems and I couldn't quite get a good recording on my end. This time around, I will have proper backup (or even primary) recordings done. Extra bonus: I bought a second mic, so that'll make impromptu guest thingys even easier for me.

It's been fun buying the gear for this, I have to admit. I wish I could well, have own aquire caress lovingly, one of these baroque beauties, but 5k for a mic is , um, well, insane for a podcast. I might pick up their USB Snowball, as it would make for a super handy portable rig, but lets see if people actually listen first.

So it'll likely be two weeks+ till the first one comes out. Apologies!


Rev said...

Welcome to the world of podcasting. Screw ups abound. It kind of reminds me of facing down a 500lb photocopier when you have 2 minutes until the start of an executive meeting: the technology does not care that you are a geek! It defies you. It can smell that you are not native to its little corner of the tech world. It exhales great tonery clouds, and mockingly spits mauled A4 sheets at you.
Worst is the embarrassing day when you accidentally post an unedited track, as I did with an episode of Novell Open Audio. But we knuckle down. We persevere. We abstain from other work. And for the love of getting the tech to the people we live to 'cast again.
Then we post overly florid prose into other podcaster's blogs as a sort of catharsis with our beleaguered brethren.

Michael Bresnahan said...

Glad to hear it's only a tech. problem that caused the delay ;-0
I am looking forward to it, I just spent the weekend dumping windows off the laptop for SuSe, no duel boot this time, going to force myself to only use linux

Nick Baronian said...

Chris, looking forward to the FLOSS. If you are shopping around for a new mic check out They make great affordable microphones and I believe I have even heard Leo mention their podcast line of mics in either TWIT or SecurityNow.