March 20, 2006

Please don't take it personally.

So this is my auto-answer for two common emails and phone calls I get:

1) Recruiters (both executive and other):

Hi there, thanks for thinking of me, but if I don't get back to you, it is likely because a) I don't know anyone for the job, b) am very happy in my own job or c) am looking for the very same kind of people and thus can't help you. Also consider that if I know some great person who is the recognized leader in x, y or z, I'll likely try to get them into Google myself, so emailing me to source high end folks at this point is not a great use of your time.

2) Grad Students doing research on Open Source or Google (or both):

Hi there, thanks for thinking of me, but if I don't get back to you, it is because I (a) have already funded the masters students/PhD research that I want to have done anyway, (b) don't agree with your thesis as I am a cranky fellow but most likely (c) I don't really have time to help all of you. This is not personal, I assure you, but right now research on open source is super-hot and I just can't spare the cycles for your effort. Best of luck to you!

3) Financial Analysts:

For those of you looking for some insight into the vaunted Google this or that, sorry, I'm just not the right guy to chat with. I give speeches at conferences about my group's work and around other aspects of open source stuff at work, so find me at these venues and ask questions then. I'm also putting up some podcasts with Leo over on TWiT soon, so you can listen to those in the event you think I have some amazing insight into open source :-)

So there you go. Consider this post a long term apology (of sorts) for me not being able to help you and sometimes not getting back to you (a rarity). The true function of this is as a post that I can refer to and link to when I do reply to similar queries.

Now, back to our regular scheduled blogging....



Stormy Peters said...

I always respond to both recruiters and graduate students - I think the world is about networking. Plus I like talking about open source software. :)

That said, a lot of grad students could benefit from understanding that asking for time and answers to questions is ok but if you are going to ask for more than a half hour of time or money, you'd better be prepared to explain what the donor is going to get out of it.

Michael Bresnahan said...

"b) am very happy in my own job"

That must be great, I wonder what a job that people are happy at is like :-)

So when is the podcast going live?

Julien said...

I'm probably not the only one, but with the timing, I certainly contributed.

Can't help but feel proud that I inspired a blog post, even if only in part.