March 10, 2006

First Podcast in the Can

And by that, I think I mean that the podcast has been recorded and will be up on TWiT and iTunes soon. My pal Jeremy Allison stopped by. I also interviewed my pal Fitz from the Subversion team for next weeks show. Anyhow, Leo is chopping out the boringer parts and after that it should be up. First time was pretty fun, I'll likely post again when it goes up. We decided to call it "Floss Weekly with Chris DiBona", which is kind of a dental joke, don't cha know.

I hope some of you have long enough commutes to enjoy it!


Michael Bresnahan said...

can't wait, although Leo never seems to edit anything out which is ok too.

I try to make a complete switch to Linux every 6 months or so, find my self having to go back to MS for one reason or another, each time the switch to linux gets better but there are always those few applications I need in Windows and of course they don't run under Wine

should be interesting to see how many post your blog gets after it is out.

Michael Bresnahan said...
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Michael Bresnahan said...

BTW, how is the oqo working for you?
is it time to give the PDA to the wife for one? :-D

Chris DiBona said...

It is -perfect- for travel, I use it when I go on speaking engagements, and I'm very happy that they just released a double capacity battery.