February 26, 2006

Search and Destroy:..or...Ted Rall has a blog.

Actually, Ted Rall has had a blog for a while, but his feed wasn't activated, now it is: Search and Destroy As you know, I'm not a political person online or even all that much off of it. I came across Ted Rall not because of his political comics but because of his brilliant graphic novels 2024 and The Worst Thing I've Ever Done two terrific works. Anyhow, check him out, if you like. It is worth pointing out that if you are even slightly conservative/republican, you and Ted aren't likely to be pals, so head's up.

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Andrew Hitchcock said...

There was a good video of Rall on Crooks and Liars a few weeks back:


I thought he fought against Hannity's bullshit pretty well.