February 21, 2006

OQO Love

So I got my greasy hands on an OQO palmtop computer. By computer, I mean a full darn computer, too. 1ghz transmeta processor, 512m of ram, 30gb of hard drive all in a super tiny form factor. I've been using it for about 4 weeks steady now, took it to Scale to give my talk, which was very fun, and I've accessorized the heck out of it. Bought a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for it and everything is working quite well. It gets a bit warm at times, and I wish I'd get more than two hours out of the battery (going to buy another soon) but overall, I'm in love with the little guy. Great to travel with, for sure. Has enough horsepower to play divx movies, so there you go.

I don't use the digitizer much, though, it's not as exact as I'd like. It's fine for controlling basic apps like firefox and itunes. I haven't attempted to installing Linux on it. I have a usb key that it may support booting from, so I'll pop knoppix on that and see what I can pull off with that. There is some oddness in that a Linksys usb ethernet adaper doesn't work, I think it is because they sourced the same chip for the on cord adapter, so I'm going to return the usb200m and see if I can't get into the habit of carrying around the oqo cord.

I'm going to try it on my extended trip to new york next week, skipping the larger laptop altogether. Should be interesting! (for me :-)


Michael Bresnahan said...

Looks really cool, keep us posted on it. Might be time to give the PDA to the wife ;-)

6inptc said...

I'm jealous!