February 22, 2006

Ixnay on the Kensington Bluetooth Mouse

Ugh....so the Kensington Bluetooth Mouse isn't awful. It has a great heft and terrific radio, -however- it is absolutely useless as a bluetooth device. It does this annoying thing where you standby your laptop. Your mouse goes into this lonely "love me!" mode where it looks actively for the laptop every time the mouse's left button is smacked. This would be fine if the mouse never left the desktop, but for my needs, where I'll be throwing it into my bag as often as not, it is not so great.

Also, it doesn't always find the laptop after resume from standby. So annoying. You literally have to reboot the mouse (popping out the AA batteries) before the mouse will pair up again.

I tried a couple of radio power default controls on the OQO as indicated in the manual, but what the thing needs is an on-off switch. I thought about adding one myself, but I'd rather just return it. I'm mostly posting this so that those who have this problem find it faster than not. (all hail pagerank)


Thomas Hentschel said...

How long do the batteries last?
I got a targus AMB01US, it did not come with rechargeables and eats a set of AAA batteries every 2 days (I got me NiMh rechargeables now...), even with a on/off switch. So, stay away from that too -- and please keep us posted when you find 'the right one'(TM).


Shannon said...

Thanks for the info. This mouse was going into standby and I never could figure out how to wake it up. Left click, go figure....it's probably in the manual too.... :-)