January 31, 2006

StarForce threatens to Sue Cory Doctorow

I was reading the Boing Boing Story about badware provider Starforce, and I gotta ask....can't they afford good lawyers? Who are these people, really? As someone who has gotten more than his share of cease and desists, nasty lawyer letters and death threats for his activities online, this one wouldn't have risen above the spam threshold for me. The PR Manager is sending the threatening email? What, don't they have a urinal-licker or pig-waxer on staff to do it? If people are serious about shutting you up/down, they talk to a judge, or a lawyer, not the schmuck in the basement. Update: This wasn't meant to imply that a pr manager == a pig-licker or whatever, but having a pr person send c&d letters is just stupid.


1 comment:

Kevin said...

I'll imply it... I think PR managers are pig lickers :)

Cool that you have a blog now Chris!!!