December 24, 2005

So cool to work at Google....

Check it out, Google Earth users: Official Google Blog: This just in... Santa in the hizzouse.

Yes, I just used the words "in the hizzouse" and I'm not certain if I spelled it right. To #FFFFFF for reals, my homies.

December 13, 2005

My Luggage doesn't follow me around anymore...

I left my luggage in Detroit. And by left, I mean, I got on a plane and my luggage, seizing the chance for freedom, stayed and took a later flight. To Dulles. I'm in New York. Will I get it back in time to leave on Thursday? Will I have to visit the Google new york offices and borrow a thinkpad power adapter? Will I start to smell a little funky? Will my delicate skin be thrashed because I use the hotels $1.50 cent crappy disposable razor and $2.00 Colgate shaving cream? Will I get nicked just in time for my speech at Interop? Yes, we all want to know the answers to these vital questions, so with no further ado: Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes.

Time for a rolling bag that fits in the overhead. Sigh. Or I should only go on trips that take up less resources than might fit in my backpack.

December 9, 2005

Christopher Robin Gets Riffed

Oh, come on: Christopher Robin gone. It seems kind of lame to replace Christopher Robin in this manner, I'm cool with adding a female character, but replacement? Robin got Riffed.

December 5, 2005

Edward Tufte is very neat.

Edward Tufte visited Google today to give a talk. He talked about Sparklines and the famous Minard Russian Invasion graphic among other topics. Great stuff. I've been a great admirer of Tufte since I first got my greasy fingers on his book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. and I only hope that one day I can present information as wonderfully as he. This is one of the reasons I love working at Google: The interfaces are almost all pretty fantastic.

December 4, 2005

So, why have I been so quiet?

Easy.....I've been busy :-) But if you'd like to find me, I'll be speaking at Interop in New York on the 14th. I hope to visit Peter Luger and Barney Greengrasswhile I'm there.

I like New York, a lot. Hotels are kind of spendy though.