November 8, 2005

The World Discovers Threadless

At the Innovation Lab meeting at MIT this weekend, the founders of Threadless gave a cool talk about how their site works. Go check it out. They were mentioned today on Ctrl+Alt+Del - Tragically l337 too. Amazing site, great shirts. Except Flowers in the Attic which is just sad :-(, powerful, but sad.

The way Threadless works is that two or three designs each week are chosen from a zillion submissions by the threadless community and the designer is given I think $1000 dollars. Then they print the shirt and sell it to the same community. Simple? Sure, I guess, but they do it so well. Some great shirts!


Jay Migliaccio said...

Interesting concept - further evidence of the burgeoning 'Participatory Age' - as Jonathon Schwartz likes to call it.

It seems that everywhere one looks these days, there is evidence of a shift away from the iconic/charismatic leader figure, towards an emphasis on participants. Burning Man, Open Source development, could even argue that 'Survivor' or 'American idol' fit into that category. Is this a form of cultural Democracy?

zeruch said...

The concept surprised me when I first saw it, and it retains its freshness over time. It's approach alos obviates the quality issues associated with things like CafePress.

I've been wanting to submit to Threadless for ages, but haven't had the bandwidth to really come up with something.

lox said...

I've been wanting to submit to Threadless for ages

Roostersauce said...

Threadless is an amazing site. ive been a member for about 2 months, have bought a few shirts. have been wanting to submit something..but cant think of anything that is good enough. there are some really amazing artists that show their work through shirts. great idea. just found out too that the home base/wharehouse is about 3 blocks from my house. im gonna be trying to see if theyre hiring for anything sometime soon.. itd be awesome