November 21, 2005

No, No, No....this isn't what happened at all..

In a recent post on both Physorg and on Slashdot, they promote work done at the MIT McGovern Brain Institute as leading or deriving from a direct nueral interface. Not so. The research centered on what parts of the human and monkey brain parses faces, figures, familiar structures and abstract input (4 different spots, actually). It doesn't come up with a common grammer either for individual images or even give a general area for such things that translates into a human/monkey similarity.

It is -remarkable- research, but we're not going to jacking in around anytime soon because of it. There was a presentation about this research at the McGovern Institute opening, which I was inexplicably invited to. I asked around, I still don't know who invited me. I went. It was fun. (the band, pictured above, had some very zany instruments....but I forgot their name. Update: Mass Ensemble...)

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