November 8, 2005

How much does Logan suck? A -lot-

So I'm sitting here in Boston's Logan airport. The cnn-airport channel is on. Whenever the PA goes off, "Flight blah blah blah whatever whatever". The TV turns itself -up- to be heard over the PA. Think of how -stupid- that is. There is a widget in the stupid TV that asserts its right to be heard over the airlines. Lame? Oh yes. Boy, I wish I had remembered my TV-b-gone that my brother-in-law got for me. So lame.

When this happens, I can hear the rumble of the TV even through the super headphones, that's how loud it gets. Lame.


John Bachir said...

i've been craving a tv-b-gone for a while now. for some reason i would have guessed that airport TVs are impervious to them. any empirical data on this?

Michael Bresnahan said...

I guess I was lucky my last trip to Logan I was only in the airport for 10 minutes, was able to get on a eailer flight, walked through security, got myself dressed again ;-) and right onto the plane, and yes Logan still sucked :-D

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