November 3, 2005

The best multi-company, flame war with sushi reccomendations....

Yahoo's new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft's) The comment stream is hilarious.

As you can see if you surf a bit online today, Yahoo launched their flash map and refreshed their maps api, so you can apparently put a map on your own webpage now instead of having to use the on on thiers. The only thing I saw that was off was the lack of satellite imagery, but that might have been that I just didn't see the widget to turn it on or not.

I love satellite imagry, its remarkable useful when you want to walk somewhere and want to make sure you are going the right way. Seeing a "familiar" landmark or building is pretty handy for that. It's also vital for finding bike trails and shortcuts.

Regardless, that comment stream is off the rails, with one softie calling for another's heads while a yahoo dude rails against the original post while random northwesterners give sushi reccomendations. Man, I'm so glad when I manage to stay out of these kinds of fights. They're so unproductive.


Robert Scoble said...

You can afford to stay out of this one. You're kicking our behinds and we can't even see where the punches are coming from. :-)

Antonio Hicks said...