November 28, 2005

Developer Relations Specialists wanted...

Hey, dev rel folks: Google: Developer Relations Specialist - Mountain View. Check it out if you are of that ilk. Thanks. Back to your regularly scheduled blog...

November 21, 2005

No, No, No....this isn't what happened at all..

In a recent post on both Physorg and on Slashdot, they promote work done at the MIT McGovern Brain Institute as leading or deriving from a direct nueral interface. Not so. The research centered on what parts of the human and monkey brain parses faces, figures, familiar structures and abstract input (4 different spots, actually). It doesn't come up with a common grammer either for individual images or even give a general area for such things that translates into a human/monkey similarity.

It is -remarkable- research, but we're not going to jacking in around anytime soon because of it. There was a presentation about this research at the McGovern Institute opening, which I was inexplicably invited to. I asked around, I still don't know who invited me. I went. It was fun. (the band, pictured above, had some very zany instruments....but I forgot their name. Update: Mass Ensemble...)

November 19, 2005

Oh, and before you ask..

It is worth pointing out that the special effects in Doctor Who are still more "special" than effects. Still, great show.

Doctor Who (a fanboy post)

When I was growing up in Utah, I discovered the reruns of doctor who on our local pbs stations. It was on at 10pm on Sunday nights, and they ran two episodes. So I grew up watching Jon Pertwee's doctor (for a little bit), but it was mostly all about Tom Baker. Anyhow, The BBC revived the series last year, putting Christopher Eccleston in the role. I was slightly doubtful, at first, but the new series was amazing. Not just updating the series, but Eccleston was insanely ridiculously holy crap awesome. I was mildly pissed that he only has stayed for the one (amazing, terrific, brilliant) season.

So there you go....The Tenth Doctor will be played by David Tennant, who my wife says was great in viva blackpool. He was fine with a very short role in the most recent Harry Potter movie, which was alright.

And before you ask....yes, I owned a long ass scarf, a la Baker. Completely impractical for skiing, but it was great stuff. Looked a lot like the one in Fig E. on that page. Wonder what happened to that thing...

Also, I have a zillion versions of the theme song in my mp3 archive. Bum bum bum, bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum bum bum...

November 15, 2005

Firefox good.

If you are a solid developer, check out this req: Google Jobs - Software Engineer, Firefox. Email me if you like.

November 10, 2005

Sony DRM Story gets much worse.

I'm not a big fan of DRM, and the whole Sony story has been nothing less than an appalling breach of customer trust. Consider the following:First Trojan Using Sony DRM Detected. A trojan exploiting a root kit exploiting user trust in a cd rom. So very lame. Sony, if the stack of broken TR505's we had back in the day at VA Research wasn't enough to make me want to avoid you, this would certainly put the last nail in that coffin.

Oh, one other thing, if you could make the PSP a bit uglier so I wouldn't want to buy it, that would be great too. Thanks.

November 8, 2005

The World Discovers Threadless

At the Innovation Lab meeting at MIT this weekend, the founders of Threadless gave a cool talk about how their site works. Go check it out. They were mentioned today on Ctrl+Alt+Del - Tragically l337 too. Amazing site, great shirts. Except Flowers in the Attic which is just sad :-(, powerful, but sad.

The way Threadless works is that two or three designs each week are chosen from a zillion submissions by the threadless community and the designer is given I think $1000 dollars. Then they print the shirt and sell it to the same community. Simple? Sure, I guess, but they do it so well. Some great shirts!

How much does Logan suck? A -lot-

So I'm sitting here in Boston's Logan airport. The cnn-airport channel is on. Whenever the PA goes off, "Flight blah blah blah whatever whatever". The TV turns itself -up- to be heard over the PA. Think of how -stupid- that is. There is a widget in the stupid TV that asserts its right to be heard over the airlines. Lame? Oh yes. Boy, I wish I had remembered my TV-b-gone that my brother-in-law got for me. So lame.

When this happens, I can hear the rumble of the TV even through the super headphones, that's how loud it gets. Lame.

November 3, 2005

McGovern Institute Opening Celebration Webcast

Check it out: McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. I'll be there, I even bought a nice jacket to wear. And a tie!

The best multi-company, flame war with sushi reccomendations....

Yahoo's new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft's) The comment stream is hilarious.

As you can see if you surf a bit online today, Yahoo launched their flash map and refreshed their maps api, so you can apparently put a map on your own webpage now instead of having to use the on on thiers. The only thing I saw that was off was the lack of satellite imagery, but that might have been that I just didn't see the widget to turn it on or not.

I love satellite imagry, its remarkable useful when you want to walk somewhere and want to make sure you are going the right way. Seeing a "familiar" landmark or building is pretty handy for that. It's also vital for finding bike trails and shortcuts.

Regardless, that comment stream is off the rails, with one softie calling for another's heads while a yahoo dude rails against the original post while random northwesterners give sushi reccomendations. Man, I'm so glad when I manage to stay out of these kinds of fights. They're so unproductive.