October 1, 2005


I was reading this article, whose headline "SiliconBeat: New chip to unshackle you from your iPod" would make you think that this is some neat thing that would...I don't know, allow you to slave your ipod to more than one machine (Which is the worst feature in itunes, doesn't anyone at apple have more than one computer?). Anyhow, back to the story...the chip is a sandisk jobbie that enforces a drm copy limit then ceases to allow that file to be copied. This is -stupid- technology and I find it slightly offensive that they think anyone will buy the following folderol:

Today, much of a consumer's digital content is held hostage on a particular kind of device, such as an iPod or a PC, because that is the only way to prevent massive piracy. But with the SanDisk flash memory card, a consumer can move the digital content to another device. If the music company insists the data can only be copied five times, the memory card itself enforces that policy in the new device, be it a cell phone or music player.

So in essence to save you from the horrors of the Ipod drm....it moves the DRM to the chip level. This will likely break its use in non-approved devices too. Don't have a trusted player? Oh...too bad, can't listen to this music or view this image/movie. Should have thought of that before buying the new DRMemory. so ...yeah..nice use of R&D cash SanDisk. I'm guessing his is for the music company that can't wait for trusted computing. Also for you ipod fans..got a way around the itunes restriction? Oh lazyweb, save me!


Andrew Wooster said...

On OS X, use PodWorks, it's the best. That, and it's written by Buzz Andersen, a friend of mine and all-around superstar.

stephen o'grady said...

on Linux - or soon, Windows - you can use DVD Jon's SharpMusique.

here's a screenshot from my machine:

here's the link to SharpMusique:

enjoy :)

Michael Bresnahan said...

Lets face it, as soon as someone comes up with a way to restrict you moving "Your files" between "Your Machines" someone else will come out with a work around. I am getting real tired of the whole copyright thing, I, as well as most of the people I know are more than willing to pay .99 for a song, once I pay for it I think I have the right to move it between any of my 4 machines. Now I could have issues with the shows on my Tivo.
Time to go back to nature forget technology