October 31, 2005

Kegel's Towards Linux Desktop Comfort

I honestly think that this page is a better guide to mainstream Linux acceptance than any other I've ever read : Dan Kegel's Towards Linux Desktop Comfort.

October 25, 2005

Open Sources 1.0 Gets a New Cover

As part of the ongoing sprucing up of the open source book line, they gave my first book (with Mark Stone and Sam Ockman) a new cover. Check it out. Also, the contents of this book are up on the internet if you'd rather read it that way. When we published it, there was no creative commons so some of it is released under the non-optimal (for text) GPL. I don't even think the GFDL was around then.

So, to join the chorus sung by Cory Doctorow, I think that the Book sold well likely because of the free nature of it. I hope Open Sources 2.0 (under a creative commons license) does as well....hell I hope it does much better :-)

October 24, 2005

Open Sources 2.0

If you saw slashdot today, you noticed this story posted by my co-editor, Mark Stone: Open Sources 2.0. One thing he forgot to post was that the book itself will be available under a Creative Commons license as soon as O'Reilly can get it up on their site. Check it out! Or...buy it?

I was reading my copy of it last night, and I have to say I think this is a pretty great book. I know, shocker, an author likes his book, but it's not really like that. As it is an essay compilation, it's not just Mark or My or Danese's natterings on about Open Source. Read it online when it goes up if you don't feel like buying it or borrowing it from a library, I think it is worth your time.

I'm as old as Email.

I choose to believe that I was born the same day as email: BBC: H@ppy birthday to you.

October 14, 2005

It's a working man's Tuna...

Regarding Genova: "Likewise, when I just need to kick back after a long day of changing 1’s into 0’s and 0’s into 1’s, nothing satisfies my primal fish urge better than a can of Genova. It’s not a tuna for the ages, but it’s still my basic pantry staple. "

I work with Ben :-)

October 12, 2005

Looking for some Mac Developers.

Hi All,

Ever ask youself...why doesn't google do more OS Xish thing-a-ma-jigs? Well, ask no more...do something about it!

Jobs, I tell you, Jobs.


Gaim News

This is a cool post: News - Gaim. Welcome to Google Sean!

October 7, 2005

First Day Jitters

We released the Google Reader today, which is best described as an RSS aggregator. It's having a few small release problems, but knowing my co-workers, it should stabilize soon. Congrats to the team for getting it out there! Awesome keyboard shortcuts. Love that.

October 1, 2005


I was reading this article, whose headline "SiliconBeat: New chip to unshackle you from your iPod" would make you think that this is some neat thing that would...I don't know, allow you to slave your ipod to more than one machine (Which is the worst feature in itunes, doesn't anyone at apple have more than one computer?). Anyhow, back to the story...the chip is a sandisk jobbie that enforces a drm copy limit then ceases to allow that file to be copied. This is -stupid- technology and I find it slightly offensive that they think anyone will buy the following folderol:

Today, much of a consumer's digital content is held hostage on a particular kind of device, such as an iPod or a PC, because that is the only way to prevent massive piracy. But with the SanDisk flash memory card, a consumer can move the digital content to another device. If the music company insists the data can only be copied five times, the memory card itself enforces that policy in the new device, be it a cell phone or music player.

So in essence to save you from the horrors of the Ipod drm....it moves the DRM to the chip level. This will likely break its use in non-approved devices too. Don't have a trusted player? Oh...too bad, can't listen to this music or view this image/movie. Should have thought of that before buying the new DRMemory. so ...yeah..nice use of R&D cash SanDisk. I'm guessing his is for the music company that can't wait for trusted computing. Also for you ipod fans..got a way around the itunes restriction? Oh lazyweb, save me!