September 3, 2005

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Insurgency. Yes, now we have an 'insurgency' in New Orleans. For the record: You, Joseph R. Chennelly, are a complete asshole.


Jonathan Ellis said...

An asshole for using the word "insurgency?" I don't get it.

Rev said...

Yeah, Chris. I'm not so concerned about the reporter and his write up in general as I am Brig. Gen. Gary Jones' saying that New Orleans is going to look like "Little Somalia." Was that intended to be as racist as it sounds? Would the same statement have been made if the subject city were Boise, ID?

Anonymous said...

The problem here may not be Gen Gary Jones, although the article certainly makes it look that way.

What we lack is what he said just before the "Little Somalia" quote.

For example, if he said:
"If the armed looters aren't stopped, this place is going to look like Little Somalia". Its quite different from the way the article presents it.

If, on the other hand, the reporter has accurately presented the Generals sentiment, then that officer needs to be retired from service immediately. We Americans don't need "leaders" who feel that way about us.

The main reason for the high level of chaos in NOLA is that it took too long to get the needed emergency personnel into the city. The people in the Super Dome and the convention center had no food or water supplies for FIVE DAYS.

No one, all the victims in the city, had any idea or was getting any information from their local government about what to do, when supplies would arrive or how they were going to be helped.

Did they turn to looting? Yep

Would you?

I'm a middle class, well paid tech worker with a spouse and two kids. - and if my family was starving and dying of thirst you can bet I would break into an abandoned store to get food and water. This does not excuse those stealing TV's, jewelery and such.

For the one hundred thousand plus people who did not have any transport of their own, The city government didn't have any plan on how to evacuate them. I guess they were just supposed to stay there and drown...... Unbelievable.

Nor did the city have any small boats stockpiled to give their local police the ability to patrol effectively in the flooded city.

40 or 50 aluminium 15 footers, or even a bunch of collapsable zodiacs.

I mean - They did know the city is below sea level. They knew it for years. But they appear to have made absolutely no contingency plans for this sort of problem.

Tens of thousands of people - all lacking the basic essentials to keep themselves alive. Primarily because the planning for a flooding in NOLA was completely inadequate. Whether the failure was a the city, the state or federal level is still unknown.

I can't wait to see how the finger pointing goes.

The KEY QUESTION: When did the Governor actually ask for federal help (The national guard)? If she waited any longer than landfall, she's an idiot.

"Let's see - winds of 100 - 130 MPH, storm surge of water 20 to 30 feet deep. Even if NOLA doesn't flood the surrounding area is going to be just like a post-tsunami disaster. Maybe we should get some help..."


Jeff Juszczak said...

I thought it was a link to the Onion. You know, with the green and all...