September 23, 2005

What a week...

Every year, Google runs a contest called Code Jam and I get a huge kick out of it. All these students competing against each other on a number of computer science problems. It's like a lead in for the Summer of Code in a lot of ways. Anyhow, it happens about this time each year, and I hung out at the last one. This time I volunteered to walk around with the students, eat with them and such, because, you know, students are the future :-)

Seriously though, what a neat contest. I wish I had done something like this when I was in school. Other than that, it's been a banner week at Google. We had Jim Gettys over talking about X windows and Snap, Terry Pratchett talking about Thud! and Ray Kurzweil out talking about his new book, which is fantastic. His talk was pretty amazing too. It focuses on the advancing rate of technological change and what that might mean for us. In some ways the title, The Singularity is Near is deceptive, as the book is about so much more than that, and you can learn so much from it that you'd be crazy not to get it, read it and use it as a guide for the future. Thanks for coming and talking with us Ray!

I actually don't really like talking about this kind of thing, as it kind of sound slike bragging, but this week was really exciting. I love working here.


hoyhoy said...

Is X windows the same thing as X Window?

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool. It's always nice to hear someone who loves his job. I just started working about 3 weeks ago. I'm doing web content (mostly writing) for a mainframe company. I work 20 hours a week from home with the baby here, too. Kind of neat. =)


Ralph Furmaniak said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to interview me, I really enjoyed our chat. I'll try not to damage the future of the world too much :-)

Ralph Furmaniak