September 17, 2005

iPod Nano Hotness

The Nano Is so very sexy. I'm really enjoying it. 4gb is absolutely the right size for me. If anything, it is too much space. Really a beautiful little machine. I love getting gifts :-)

Good sound too, I think it uses the same sound chip as the shuffle, which I've commented on my blog about before. I did miss having a display on the shuffle, so this is just about perfect, and it fits in the strap of my backpack, like the shuffle did, so all is well in biking to work while listening to stuff land.


Andrew Hitchcock said...

Hmm, according to Arstechnica, the chip is the same as the 4G iPods:

A brief word about sound quality: the iPod nano uses the same audio codec (the WM8975) as the 4G iPods. The first and second generation iPods used the WM8721, while the 3G iPods and iPod mini used the WM8731L. Since the iPod nano uses the same audio codech chip as the 4G, U2, and iPod photo players, its sound quality will be nearly identical to those other players.

We got my mom a nano for her birthday, so I got to play with it some. I'm a little jealous. My original 30GB 3G iPod is starting to feel a little thick and heavy, but I'm not yet ready to replace it.


PS: Be careful when biking and listening to the iPod. Now that I ride nearly exclusively on the streets, I'm too scared to listen to music while biking.

Pierre said...

I'd be interested in getting the old shuffle as you surely don't need it anymore ;-)


Yoav said...

The nano definitely has the cool size factor. But I was hoping for a really cool new feature, like wifi/bluetooth syncing, or an fm transmitter. Maybe in the ipod pico ;)

bob said...

Warning: Totally unrelated to topic.

What's the scoop on this ? I haven't been able to find anybody else talking about it (yet...)

Regensburger said...

I am not sure, if iPod is the real thing.