September 3, 2005

Developers, I say, Developers, Developers.

I was reading the article on Slashdot bout Balmer's Vows and I remembered something that I've been wanting to write about for a while.

When watching the Developers video, don't look simply at the guy on stage, look at the audience. There is where the interesting stuff is going on. Thousands upon thousands, an entire concert hall filled with em. Keep in mind that these are just the developers who were at the company's 25th anniversary celebration, likely only employees. Microsoft enjoys a larger developer network than any company has ever seen.

So, when you see Ballmer screaming his chant to the assembled audience, consider this: open source has managed, with largely a self assembled collection of disparate developers, many only workng part time, to utterly defeat microsoft in the server room. How?

Developers. Developers. Developers.

Really damn good ones. I'd say that Ballmer has a good reason to sweat.


Matt said...

That's a good point. Not to hop on the speculation bandwagon, but I think it makes a lot of sense that he's scared. For years they've been fighting OSS because they feel it's a threat. And they've been watching Google stepping on their toes here and there, whether it's intentional or not. Now, the two seem to be merging. Google has been participating more and more in OSS and has been moving more and more of its processes to a more open style (I smile every time I see a new product release accompanied with a Google Group for discussion).

You guys are quiet, too. Quiet and scary.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean to point to the 'developers' video ?
not the monkeydance one.