September 2, 2005

Amazing post from Miguel about SOC.

If you check out this post on Miguel's blog, you'll see some of the projects that the students in the Summer of Code worked on for Mono. Remarkable work, really. In case you don't know the SOC pencils down date was the 1st, so we're starting to get feedback in from students and mentors, and some of the work is so good it truly exceeded my (and Google's) expectations. Remarkable stuff, really.


WOOSACHI said...

"This has been a great project, I hope that open source supported be enterprises without commercial interest will become a really common practice, as it was such a success. You really felt to be in a community and as you can read on the list, for most of us Google now is the coolest company on the world :-) Thanks Chris, Natalie and Jude for the patience with us! -Filip Daluge

WOOSACHI said...

Just had some handmade chocolates from Ireland HAND delivered from an SOC-er from Ireland as a "Thank you".....Another reason why we do what we do :P