August 8, 2005

Google News all Feedy Like

While many might say this is quite overdue, I'm just happy to point it out: About Google News Feeds. We'll add these to the api & interfaces list tomorrow on Code, but I figured...why not blog it here? In short: Google news now has Atom and RSS 2.0 feeds for all the catagories and for custom news searchs. I suspect we'll see a good amount of uptake from this, especially when combined with the Maps API.


Amit Agarwal said...

Things I don't like about Google News

1. My "Customized News" has two sections - one for Adobe and the other one for Macromedia, if I subscribe to Google News RSS, I get the two sets of results together but there is no way to distinguish which news story is pertaining to which search term. You could have a little "label" in the title of the RSS post.

2. There could be stories common in different sections. A search for Adobe would result in pages from Macromedia as well - Google News RSS should be smart enough to filter duplicate entries in the RSS feed.

3. Not sure if I retrieve the feed again, will I get the same results again which I got in my previous pull. Ideally, it shouldn't

Otherwise, it is a fantastic service. I mentioned it here - Google finally embraces syndicated feeds

Andrew Wooster said...

From About Feeds and Terms of Use:
"You may not redistribute Google's feeds."

This seems to represent a misunderstanding of syndication technology. The whole point is to redistribute feeds. When people subscribe to the feed through Bloglines, Bloglines is redistributing it. When Feedster includes it in an index of feeds, they're redistributing it. When Syndic8 provides an archive of the feed, they're also redistributing it.

There's an entire class of applications that would not be possible without the free redistribution of feeds. It's one of the assumptions of RSS that's made tools built on it be so powerful.

If Google really wants to prevent redistribution of their feeds, they should at least provide some machine readable license information in the feed itself to specify exactly what is and is not allowed.

If, on the other hand, they mean something else, they should say what they mean, rather than vaguely prohibiting the very thing which makes syndication technology so powerful.

Geodog said...

See what Phil Ringnalda had to say,

Sebastian said...

It is a fantastic thing, although I had to hack the script to make it usable on my site (the ancient HTML stuff is a bit annoying). Like the neat scoring=d parameter there should be a html=off and repeattitleindesc=off ;) However, it works:
Google Sitemaps in the News

Justin Pfister said...

It's a good thing.. My Server was getting crushed on the final days before google release the News Feeds.
I had a PHP Script parsing the Google.News and turning it into XML.
People we happy with that.. But now they are happier that Google is doing it themselves..
Look at all the concerned users: GnewsFeed Eats It.

donorsha said...

See what Phil Ringnalda had to say,

bolan said...

It is a fantastic thing
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