July 11, 2005

Maybe you're just not likeable?

I was reading this piece on the existence of blogs being a net negative for job seekers and it got me thinking. Maybe what people need is to -not- be sharing so much if they want gainful employment.


Erika said...

I agree and disagree with the article. Blogs certainly should not be a forum for complaining about friends, employers, coworkers, etc. If someone is giving their opinion about fashion, driving habits or even politics on a blog, that is okay as long the blog is clearly personal. I consider a blog personal if it is not referenced on professional webpages or documents; it can be indirectly linked (e.g., a professional page links to a personal page links to a blog).

Alex Bosworth said...

I think it's a net positive on both sides. When people come to interview for SourceLabs, I definitely Google them.

You win bonus points if you have posted to usenet groups on open source software, or if you have a techy weblog with cool stuff on it. Resumes are unreliable but your internet history is real.

What does sometimes happen, as this article references, is that people are not used to the new medium of blogging, which is part diary, part tabloid, part newspaper, part soapbox.

So people who are unfamiliar with the brave new world of social software see an applicant posted about how they dressed up as peter pan and get freaked out because they are just unfamiliar with the medium.

This is a good reason not to put potentially wacko stuff on the same website that contains your resume that you send to potential employers.

Michael Bresnahan said...

I really think it's about what you are posting, if everything is negative then that is not a good thing, although you can be negative but in a good way, that's not a bad thing.

I think if an employer googles you after an interview and finds your blog with nothing but bashing of the company they may not want to hire you.

If your blog is constructive and or personal then I think it is a good thing