July 28, 2005

Map Hacking: Look over my shoulder

Hi All,

I'm working on a little something for OSCON next week, and I wanted to get some data points. The system is designed to allow users to attach location data to their favorite book/movies/music/whatever. If you go here:


You'll find it. Check it out. Add some books/movies/whatever to it. It's a kind of geo-wiki thingy I'm messing around with.

None. I'll likely destroy the database n times over the next few weeks.
I'll likely keep the username/password pairs -only-.


You can't actually add points for the books/movies/etc yet. You can only add the base point for the book/media/etc. Tomorrow I'm adding the ui for posting in more points and search. To see some points, zoom out or pan around. I only added one very lame point for one movie. (find the apple campus). The UI -sucks- right now. But it will get better, but not anytime soon.

To Do:

Base UI work
Feeds: regional feeds, topic feeds (tags)
Tag ui for add/edit screen.

Leave commments in the comments section, thanks!



Dirson said...

Pretty cool.

I've posted my first book, located at '1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, CA 94043':

Michael Bresnahan said...

Very cool, I posted my book located on your area just to try it out, In my buisness this would be very very helpful for my remote people trying to get around different parts of the country,

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Nice idea... maybe one for the moon maps? :) Plenty of sci-fi locations worth tracking.

I could think of another planet that would be fun for that, too :P.

Andrew Hitchcock said...

Okay, maybe I'm in idiot, but for the life of me I can't login to post anything.

I signed up for a Maps API key today and have been playing around with geotagging some of my content. Here is my quick go at integrating Google Maps with my panoramas. Only two have locations entered so far.

Andrew Bidochko said...
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Michael Bresnahan said...

Added a bookmark for the place I work, didn't see my first one put in by Chirs's bookmark

Andrew Bidochko said...

What about www.mapbuilder.net project? Any comments on that tool?

Chris DiBona said...

I think mapbuilder.net is pretty neat. It' likely the next featured project for code. The shared mode is nice too.

Andrew Bidochko said...

Chris, I really appreciate your comments!
I hope to find more time for mapbuilder.net development in the following two directions:
1. Primary as a tool for creating maps (I have tons of ideas what can be done to allow users create better map)
2. And secondary as socializing tool (Booming Locations, Shared Maps)- also a lot can be done to improve socializing features.

Michael Bresnahan said...

Shared mapping is what I'm looking for, something that I can add or my workers in the field can add bookmarks and a note about any location, then anyone within my group can access