July 22, 2005

London Tube Fun

I really like subways, but the tube has been having some issues of late. Bombers (both horifically capable and bumbling) and now these shootings have made my plans a little less convenient than they could have otherwise been.

The tube is a fascinating system, enormous and quite scenic. Also, you end up walking through these vast systems of connecting tunnels when switching lines, it's very cool. While transferring from the district to the central line (I would have taken the circle and northern, but it was shut down due to this whole bomber thing) I got to walk through about a half miles of tunnels, circular staircases (3 stories up, or so) and steps here and there. It was pretty neat.

When I got onto the district line after leaving the science museum, as we pulled away from the station, the conductor got on the line "Due to a shooting in Stockwell, the northern line is no longer running." So I changed my plans accordingly. I have to admit that I'm glad that I am not riding the tube anymore this trip. I have a car service setup for my trip to Heathrow tomorrow morning.

Funnily enough I heard that the reason that Heathrow puts United's international terminal all the way out in outer hell with Emerites, El Al and other middle eastern based carriers is that they want to limit terrorist damage to one terminal. Charming, huh? It'll be good to be home, for sure.


Jamie McCarthy said...

Ever read or seen Neverwhere? I'm a few (dozen pages / episodes) into it. Turns out there's a whole mystical world underground in London, who knew?

Michael Bresnahan said...

When I was in London my co-worker got switched off of his flight and ended up on a later one, I didn't find out until I got to Heathrow, ended up sitting there for almost 5 hours, talk about seeing some interesting people come through the international terminal :-/ Plus the overhead, "if you're in an area and the alarm is going off, please exit the building" Nice. This was during the time when the IRA was still activie and messing with the airports.