July 17, 2005

London Bound

One pretty good thing about working at Google is that they give us an Ipass account, so connecting at Airports doesn't suck. Anyhow, heading to London and will work from there for a Week. One short 10 hour flight away from Heathrow. I have, as usual, over anticipated my need for entertainment. I have 5 movies, 5 technology talks, 3 books, 3 white papers and no less than 10 video games installed on my laptop. No to mention x gbs of music and audio books, my ipod shuffle and my super headphones. I actually really like flying, even if the Airport experience is undignified.

When I get to London, I've manage to snag a reservation at St. John, which you might know thanks to the owners book "Nose to Tail Eating". Yes, not a place for vegetarians. Regardless, I've got a reservation for 2, so some lucky pal will go with me.

Flying on a 777, which is fine, but I prefer the distinctive bulginess of a 747. The 777, its pair 120,000 lbs/thrust aside, looks too much like a 737 from the outside. This is also a problem with the a380. You look at the 747 as it flies by and you -know- it is a 747. Yes, I know the plane is old and crufty and not as efficient when compared to the current jets. And, yes, a truly cylindrical shape is better from a fatigue standpoint, but anyhow, I dig the 747.


Michael Bresnahan said...

Have a safe trip across the pond, I got to spend several months in jolly ol England setting up a manufacturing plant for the company I work for. I got to fly over on a 747 ;-)

The 777 sure beats the plane I was on last week, had to take a day trip for a meeting in Detroit, got to fly 2 hours on a Saab Turbo Prop :-(

Rob said...

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