July 22, 2005

It's all in the name of science, you know...

Before heading into work this morning, I visited the London Museum of Science and got to see something I was very much looking forward to see. Yes, I'm talking about the difference engines. Foolish me, I thought there were only two of them, in fact they had many, including early prototypes by Babbage himself. Warmed my geeky soul.

They also have a pretty terrific nautical and aviation sections as well. Fantastic engines and a very cool cross section of a 747, about a foot wide and many feet tall (30?). Very neat. They also had the wind tunnel models that the Concorde team used to guide their design.

They had a whack of engines from wwII on through the present day, and there was a pretty neat Harrier hanging from the cieling, with an engine cutaway beneath it.

There was one thing that made me pause, this sign hanging in the bathroom. Apparently the museum has had problems with people drinking from the urinals. Yes, pessimists, they are likelly just the only museum to admit having such a problem. To me it seems an interesting problem to address with signage. One might imagine the crime is deterrence enough. I mean, really. Ick.


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Neuroxik said...

Haha ! That's one funny thing, I guess it's our animalistic side of nature to tend towards the urinal for a drink, eeurk