June 4, 2005

Why I love the Apple x86 Story...

I picture Bill Gates saying.. "Crap....forget Google, we have a real problem now!" Anyhow, the funny thing about the "Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips" story is that Apple is about to find out exactly what it feels like to be shut out of a hardware platform and partnership deals.

It's a good thing Apple likes to make its own hardware, that's all I gotta say. The montage before a fight scene from some awful movie is going through my head. How will Microsoft leverage its vast monopoly power this time? If Apple really takes the x86 version of OS X and pushes, things are going to get -very- interesting.

But why do I -love- this story. It could be complete bunk and it still has people yelling "fight! fight! fight!". What a schoolyard high tech is.

Cnet: "Steve, Bill said you are a big jerkwad!"
InfoWorld: "Bill, Steve said he wanted to date your girlfriend"
Gartner: "I heard you guys are going to fight, are you going to fight?"
IDC: "Steve, Bill said you were a chicken and wouldn't fight." etc...
Bloggers: I told you! I so predicted this in 1983.

Linux, by the way, runs great on both platforms :-)


fusion94 said...

Yeah but OSX is a lot more purty than leenucks.

Matt Hartley said...

True, but Linux tastes great and is less filling! ;o)

bruce said...

yeo, linux can run great in both plataforms, but it's very hard to manage when you are not an epxerienced user.