June 9, 2005

This Joke is just too easy...

I was reading this post: Clarifying Low-Rights IE (which sounds like an interesting baby step towards a slightly more secure browser) and I couldn't help thinking, "Low Rights" within the context of Microsoft's "Thought Thieves" and I read the head line as something along the lines of: "IE! Now with fewer rights! Surf only the sites we want you to!"

I kill me, I'm so funny. But seriously, almost anything Microsoft does to fix IE is good for the internet, so it's a good thing. Would I rather you use Firefox? Yes. Do I think you'll be happier with firefox? Yes. Do I think Firefox loves you? But, yay Microsoft for going down the road a bit.

1 comment:

thatha said...

Certainly yes. Couldn't be expressed better. So, yay!