June 21, 2005

Ring Tone Humor...

I was watching the Bike Tech at the shop working on my deraileurs when I heard a cell ring. Sounded, familiar.....

"Hey...is that the Law and Order theme?", I asked.

"Yeah, it's the one I picked for my girlfriend.", he replied.

So there you go.

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Andrew Hitchcock said...

When iChat AV first came out, I wanted to test it out. I found someone in Milwaukee to chat with, and we actually ended up video conferencing for two hours. Anyway, to get to the point, I believe it was him who set the ringtone for when his mom calls to the Imperial March. I found that both hilarious and slightly sad.

BTW, Safari picked this up really quickly (sometimes it misses posts for a day or two), so now I can get f1rst p0st.