June 7, 2005

The new Doctor Who: Brilliant!

I've been watching the new Doctor Whos (which I freaking love, but that's not what this post is about) If you check here: BBC - Doctor Who - The Series the BBC has arranged to screen the episodes in front of 4 children and asked them to rate how scary they are, from 0->5, with 5 being -extra- terrifying. I think this is pretty smart. Dr. Who, this season, has been somewhat dark, and probably has the best writing of any season to date. And yes, I'm including Tom Bakers episodes.

I'm mildly pissed the Eccleston is only doing one season. That just stinks. He worries about always being known as the Doctor. If I -promise- to not think "Hey, it's the Doctor" when I see him in other shows, do you think he'll stay? Lord know he doesn't read this blog. Anyhow...great stuff.

Geek? Damn right!


Ian Monroe said...

Those reviews by children are pretty fun.

I vaguely remember watching Dr. Who when I was like 4. But that was the last I've seen of them until the new season. So I'm not sure how good Eccleston is since he is the only one I know. :) I did read someone else complain that the new Dr. Who doesn't seem that smart, and I'd agree he does seem to get tricked a lot for someone that old (the last episode being a case-in-point).

Anonymous said...

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