May 3, 2005

Los Angeles....

I'm in Los Angeles for an OSDL meeting, which is so-far-so-good. The lot of us went to a restaurant in Los Feliz and on the cab ride back, the cabbie told not one but two racist jokes. The 'that's not going to over well' didn't apparently take after the first one.

I used to think (hope) that a racist joke was a cabbies way of saying 'I don't feel like talking right now, so I'll just creep you right out' but two tells me 'I'm a redneck a-hole, ain't I funny!'

And I think you know the answer to that.

I like Los Angeles though. Not the haze, the smell of desperation or the people*, but the home architecture and the land. The rolling hills to the beaches. The haze really is unfortunate. Makes one pine for nuclear power to feed those electric cars, you know. Keep the emissions in glowing waste form and not the hide-the-beach-from-the-angelinos form.

*: Although I'm sure they are nice, but I don't like Los Angeles because of people I don't know.

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borman said...

I like Los Angeles too