May 17, 2005

16251 Spam emails in 30 days.

Yep, that's a lot of canned meat. Thanks to the gmail team for catching them. Not all of them, but at least 99.99% of them. Well done! You, my colleagues, make email usable.

Also, to the spammers, you suck, suck, suck. I hope you die soon before you breed. If you have bred....I'm envisioning your children being given to other, non-scummy family members. Maybe a nice aunt or uncle. Be the best thing for them, don't want them to grow up like you, after all. Lord, I hope it isn't genetic, some spam gene that afflicts people in sunny climes like some kind of a-hole chlorophyll.

1 comment:

Andrew Hitchcock said...

Wow. You, sir, get a lot of spam. My Gmail account only has 229 right now (it gets more than my main account which I've had for years).

Now that you mention it, Gmail's spam filter seems to work really well these days. It is an order of magnitude (or more) better than when I first got my account. It is also better than the filter on my main e-mail account.