April 3, 2005

Sin City....Holy Crow.

Saw Sin City last night. And now I have that whole inner monologue thing going. Seriously good stuff. Violent? Sex? Adult Themes? Let me put it this way, if there was safe search for eyeballs, you'd have to shut it off to watch this movie. Seriously good, I actually want to see it again to catch the stuff I missed, after taking my comic book worshipping friend Joe for a beer for a pre-viewing briefing so I can get even more out of it. So, yeah, good movie.

I had only read a few of the books over at hemos' place, and I liked them a bunch. Dug the movie big time.

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zeruch said...

It was a decent film. Oddly enough for a guy who draws in a really cinematic fashion, parts of the books pacing translated very oddly into actual film.