April 28, 2005

No Pictures, Please! Hey! You with the eyeballs! Do not let your gaze fall upon the creation!

I was reading this article: BetaNews | Microsoft Wants Longhorn Shots Pulled which got me thinking that maybe Microsoft should limit WinHEC to employees and trusted contractors. Also, all non-Microsoft personnel should be cavity searched entering and leaving all sessions and meetings. It's all in the name of 'controlling the message' you know. Also, remember that those new phones have those camera thingamadoobies on the back of them! Very sneaky!

I think Scoble will need some apology text for his blog again. Although in this case, I think that they're going to go for the 'well there was an NDA on the sign up sheets' route.

Seriously though....if you don't want people to report on your actions, clam up about them until you are ready for first customer ship. Jeez. Seems kind of silly to show screenshots to thousands and not expect them to chat and comment on it outside the show. This sort of stuff is so PR junior league. This is the kind of stuff that makes me think Microsoft is slipping. I mean, Longhorn looks like an XP theme for pete's sake.

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