April 16, 2005

My New Camera: Canon SD400

You might remember me going on about picking up a Canon SD400...well, I picked it up last week from my friendly local camera store and have been running the camera through its paces. The SD400 is amazingly compact, but the output is really something. Here is a dramatically resized (in photoshop) shot of my cat, max. (clicking on it will take you to flickr's page on it. The Digic II firmware is -very- fast.

To give you an idea about how good this shot is I've cropped out the section of his eye and left it at high res. Mind you I used flash and it was in a not very challenging environment, even if max was wiggly. Also, this is in the super fine setting, which produced a 2592 x 1944 image at 2.2 megabytes. Shot with the macro mode on, using the cameras automatic mode, no red-eye reduction, center weight metered.

So, yeah, I like the camera! Other things to note: good ui, great viewing screen on the back, good battery life so far, more on that later. I always buy two batteries. Fast shooting with my Lexar 1gb SD card. I do admit that I liked Compact Flash, but if you want tiny, SD is about the largest media you'll find nowadays. Anyhow, I recommend it so far. Also, the camera has a USB 2.0 connection so you can do -fast- downloads of your pictures, which is really nice.


Sarina said...

I just bought the SD400 as well. I haven't gotten it yet though. A few more days probably. But ya your pictures came out really well. I am quite excited now. I can't wait!

Kevin said...

Just received one as a gift. Haven't had much of a chance to put it through its paces yet. Sure had a thick manual. I hope its easy to operate.

Jim Cook said...

The SD400 does rock! Anandtech just did a review and loved it as well.

Anonymous said...

I love this camera too. It takes great outdoor photos. I am still struggling with the red-eye reduction for indoor pictures. I usually set it to "automatic flash" or auto with red eye reduction. I still cannot get the red eye to disappear and some indoor pictures are very dark. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I like the camera. I also get lots of pictures dark. Anyone of you have any suggestions how to avoid that.