April 13, 2005

Marburg is some freaking scary stuff.

I was reading this: Marburg still peaking - WHO and what stood out for me was this statement:

    Their efforts have been met with fierce resistance and denial by many residents in Uige, who are shunning the hospitals and the specially-suited medical teams that roam the city in search of Marburg cases.

Sick people are ducking doctors in a city with almost no running water, no electricity and getting over a civil war (or between them, depending on your viewpoint). And now I'm thinking, maybe Doctors without Borders is a pretty good organization to back. What a thankless, horrifically difficult job.

Sadly, the majority of the victims are children under five. Sometimes I think that I should have gone into medicine, instead of computers. Makes this whole Bitkeeper thing look pretty stupid, doesn't it?

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zeruch said...

Angola is a case study of how utterly bad you can run a state (with or without or in spite of foreign intervention)

Even after the death of Jonas Savimbi, the costs of decades of internecine warfare have left a disjointed, paranoid, skeptical of anything from the outside (not that anyone has a clear grasp of what is "outside" or not.

I have relatives who lived there during the late 60s/early 70s, and they said it was descending into abject chaos then...I do not even want to speculate on what it is now (and the difficulty that adds to the efforts of medical personnel).