April 1, 2005

In which I open a can of worms.

I came across this article (thanks to megnut) on the New York Times Empty House on the Prairie and I don't have the positive reaction to this that many might. Why is small town Kansas emptying out? I don't think there is a single answer, but I do think there is a single answer as to why I wouldn't consider moving to Kansas.... it's filled with people who would reject science and intelligent thought. I don't like to get too political on a blog, but I don't think this is a left or right issue. I see the wholesale rejection of science in the name of religion in the country as having a deleterious effect on the overall intelligence and productivity of the nation. So why, I ask you, would I move to some small town in the middle of nowhere if the educational institutions would use my kid as some ideological football.

In short: Kansas, if you want people to move there, take that minute of silent reflection to consider pulling your head out of your intelligently designed rear end. California ain't perfect, and its school are most definitely not, but Kansas? Please.

Update: They'd like to make at least 19 other states unlivable. We're going to need more h1-bs.

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