April 28, 2005

RSS Ads...

I completely respect this persons idea of unsubscribing from feeds with advertisements. What is complete BS is calling feed ads spam. He even says "there is no way to opt-out." there is...duh...you unsubscribe. Believe me when I say this isn't about Google or AdBrite or whatever, I don't think feed ads are spam, and to call it such diminishes the evil that is -real- spam.

I do think that there is an interesting time coming where people overwrite/remove/replace ads from feeds. That'll be some interesting time. I am obviously not bothered by relevant advertising. I do think that there will be plenty of people who won't put up ads in thier feeds. I don't blog for money, that's for sure.

I have thought about putting up an adsense ad on my site, but its tricky as I work for Google and the question would become this: Would I be getting attention because I work for Google or because of my erudite comments? Maybe I'll put one up and donate the cash to the EFF or something and I'll leave the ethics questions as an exercise for the reader.

No Pictures, Please! Hey! You with the eyeballs! Do not let your gaze fall upon the creation!

I was reading this article: BetaNews | Microsoft Wants Longhorn Shots Pulled which got me thinking that maybe Microsoft should limit WinHEC to employees and trusted contractors. Also, all non-Microsoft personnel should be cavity searched entering and leaving all sessions and meetings. It's all in the name of 'controlling the message' you know. Also, remember that those new phones have those camera thingamadoobies on the back of them! Very sneaky!

I think Scoble will need some apology text for his blog again. Although in this case, I think that they're going to go for the 'well there was an NDA on the sign up sheets' route.

Seriously though....if you don't want people to report on your actions, clam up about them until you are ready for first customer ship. Jeez. Seems kind of silly to show screenshots to thousands and not expect them to chat and comment on it outside the show. This sort of stuff is so PR junior league. This is the kind of stuff that makes me think Microsoft is slipping. I mean, Longhorn looks like an XP theme for pete's sake.

April 27, 2005

Alien Bug Magma Terror Squid

Whoever is in charge of titles at the Sci Fi Channel should either a) drink more..or b) drink less. One of the gems:

    Black Hole Terror (working title), a thriller from director Tibor Takacs (Mansquito) about a failed experiment which threatens to swallow the entire Midwest. Kristy Swanson and Judd Nelson star.

Mansquito? Was I supposed to say "Man! That movie rocked! Mansquito was the best movie since....uh...Squid/Tentacles (working title)!"

Please don't cancel Battlestar Galactica, Sci-Fi, or you won't be able to afford more glamour projects from Mansquito director Tibor Takacs.

April 20, 2005

Mossberg on MSN Spaces

From: WSJ.com - Personal Technology: "However, in typical Microsoft fashion, Spaces works best when you use Internet Explorer in Windows. For instance, unless you use Internet Explorer in Windows, you can't make your text bold or italic or colored. You can't turn words you enter into Web links. And you can't create separate paragraphs in your entries."

You've got to be kidding me. Can't create links unless you use IE? That's nuts. That is bad programming. Can't bold things unless you use IE? Can't create seperate paragraphs? That's pathetic.

I liked the photos thing they do, but paragraphs....you can't create paragraphs? This is nuts. Has the internet gone insane? I didn't know that text boxes were that damn hard to put in a web form. Here, if any msn spaces people are reading this... what you're looking for is the 'textarea' box. Maybe one of those html book dealies might help you out.

And Mossberg ends with "Still, MSN Spaces is a good, basic blogging service that I can recommend to any novice blogger." , so long as they use IE, right? Enjoy those pop-ups, newcomers. Why don't you use a browser that doesn't hate you?

April 17, 2005

April 16, 2005

My New Camera: Canon SD400

You might remember me going on about picking up a Canon SD400...well, I picked it up last week from my friendly local camera store and have been running the camera through its paces. The SD400 is amazingly compact, but the output is really something. Here is a dramatically resized (in photoshop) shot of my cat, max. (clicking on it will take you to flickr's page on it. The Digic II firmware is -very- fast.

To give you an idea about how good this shot is I've cropped out the section of his eye and left it at high res. Mind you I used flash and it was in a not very challenging environment, even if max was wiggly. Also, this is in the super fine setting, which produced a 2592 x 1944 image at 2.2 megabytes. Shot with the macro mode on, using the cameras automatic mode, no red-eye reduction, center weight metered.

So, yeah, I like the camera! Other things to note: good ui, great viewing screen on the back, good battery life so far, more on that later. I always buy two batteries. Fast shooting with my Lexar 1gb SD card. I do admit that I liked Compact Flash, but if you want tiny, SD is about the largest media you'll find nowadays. Anyhow, I recommend it so far. Also, the camera has a USB 2.0 connection so you can do -fast- downloads of your pictures, which is really nice.

Gas is only getting more expensive.

What 91 Octane Costs in California Posted by Hello

I'm thinking cheap oil is something that is on the wane, don't you?

April 13, 2005

Modern Courtesy

Modern Courtesy Posted by Hello

Marburg is some freaking scary stuff.

I was reading this: Marburg still peaking - WHO and what stood out for me was this statement:

    Their efforts have been met with fierce resistance and denial by many residents in Uige, who are shunning the hospitals and the specially-suited medical teams that roam the city in search of Marburg cases.

Sick people are ducking doctors in a city with almost no running water, no electricity and getting over a civil war (or between them, depending on your viewpoint). And now I'm thinking, maybe Doctors without Borders is a pretty good organization to back. What a thankless, horrifically difficult job.

Sadly, the majority of the victims are children under five. Sometimes I think that I should have gone into medicine, instead of computers. Makes this whole Bitkeeper thing look pretty stupid, doesn't it?

Soft brains ruining the Internet, part 314,159

Sigh, tolerance is the first step towards acquiescence and, then, acceptance.

April 6, 2005

Lordy, I'm linking to the Register

If you care about Kernel development, this is an important article to read: Linus Torvalds defers closed source crunch

April 3, 2005

Some Powerful Stuff, my Friend.

My pal Michael is documenting what a siezure filled life is like in photos: wrinkles in mind - a photoset on Flickr. Fascinating stuff.

Sin City....Holy Crow.

Saw Sin City last night. And now I have that whole inner monologue thing going. Seriously good stuff. Violent? Sex? Adult Themes? Let me put it this way, if there was safe search for eyeballs, you'd have to shut it off to watch this movie. Seriously good, I actually want to see it again to catch the stuff I missed, after taking my comic book worshipping friend Joe for a beer for a pre-viewing briefing so I can get even more out of it. So, yeah, good movie.

I had only read a few of the books over at hemos' place, and I liked them a bunch. Dug the movie big time.

April 1, 2005

It's Official, I'm on the OSI Board.

As you might have seen on Danese's blog, I'm part of the Expanded OSI Board. The Open Source Initiative are the standard bearers for what it means to be open source, and as such I have only -two- things, no more, and no less, that I care about.

    1)Reducing the number of licenses that are considered Open Source. Thanks Intel
    2)Protecting what Open Source means, through Trademark pursuit and community action.

The latter deserves some explanation. I find people using the term Open Source when they shouldn't, to denote not-open works and projects. Very simply, I believe and will do what I can to enforce the idea that Open Source means programs released under an OSI certified license. Nothing else qualifies. So there you go!

In which I open a can of worms.

I came across this article (thanks to megnut) on the New York Times Empty House on the Prairie and I don't have the positive reaction to this that many might. Why is small town Kansas emptying out? I don't think there is a single answer, but I do think there is a single answer as to why I wouldn't consider moving to Kansas.... it's filled with people who would reject science and intelligent thought. I don't like to get too political on a blog, but I don't think this is a left or right issue. I see the wholesale rejection of science in the name of religion in the country as having a deleterious effect on the overall intelligence and productivity of the nation. So why, I ask you, would I move to some small town in the middle of nowhere if the educational institutions would use my kid as some ideological football.

In short: Kansas, if you want people to move there, take that minute of silent reflection to consider pulling your head out of your intelligently designed rear end. California ain't perfect, and its school are most definitely not, but Kansas? Please.

Update: They'd like to make at least 19 other states unlivable. We're going to need more h1-bs.

Best April Fools Joke Ever...

Course, they're going to piss off the morons, but....I'm okay with that. All hail Scientific American.