March 4, 2005

On the NPRization of Kottke and the Paragraphization of the Internet.

I was reading this post on, and I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical of his ability to make a long term living blogging. Maybe I still am. Some of my collegues (shellen, stone, you know who you are) have been reading him since , well, forever it seems. I have to say that his volume of posting isn't enough to make me want to become a patron (micro or not) but what he does write seems pretty decent.

When I was writing more often than I am now ('professional' writing.) I noticed that my posts would grow longer and longer, with short pieces stabilizing around 1200 words and longer ones around 2300 or so. I would do the odd 700 word article for print, but when I applied these lengths to blogs, they were not read in the same fashion as they were when they were in print or on a site like newsforge, and it became rapidly clear that blog readers are afficionados of the paragraph or sometimes the sentence and not the inverted pyramid or the narrative flow. And so, I'll wrap this post up with this, properly sized comment:

Gah, I'm babbling. Back to your regularly scheduled internet...

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