March 3, 2005

My Next Camera.....

I covet the S400 version of this camera. I first ran into it at Keeble and Schchat in Palo Alto and I really liked the size and helt. O'Reilly has a good article about the family. I had picked up an S50 (in fashionable black), but it just is a bit too big. Takes great photos though, and when I bought it I got a terrific price for it.

update: Well, maybe the S500 or S300 is a better choice, the S400 is getting panned online for junky images and ccd bleed. I have to be disciplined and not buy a camera that doesn't match my size and weight requriements first.


Adam Lasnik said...

I have the S400 and love it. Furthermore, I recall seeing mostly favorable reviews when I purchased it (epinions,, etc.)

Feel free to check out my pictures here and here, most of which (since 2004) have been taken with my S400 :).

Downsides of the S400?
1) 3 minute max on movies, + small movie resolution.
2) Not good for much action / sports photography due to shutter lag and inability to set an ultra-fast shutter speed.
3) Photos in dusty environments can suffer especially bad from the blobs o' death.

But... absolutely stunning scenery pics, great people pics, and it's so handy to just stick in your pocket! Highly recommended :)

Chris DiBona said...