March 7, 2005

Joe, meet Hasselblad, Blad, meet Joe.

While I appreciate the love Joe Beda expresses for a Leica...I gotta introduce my readers (and maybe Joe, have no clue if he reads this) to the classic Blad. The 503 cw changed color and seeing for me. The images when shot right are just shy of holograms. I didn't really retire the camera when my daughter was born, so much as I put it into hibernation while I defaulted to my digital cameras so I could catch her spontanaity, but the pictures. I really need to start hauling that thing around some more.

And what a, light meter, two lenses, lens shade, filters, film, film backs, flash. I got to the point where I could shoot handheld with the blad. But it killed my wrists, but the shots.....the colors. The blacks. It was worth it, somtimes. Amazing stuff. But I'd rather carry a camera I'll take great pictures with, not just one that takes perfect pictures but not as often.

And talk about viewfinder size! 6 cm x 6 cm. The image as it falls on the film. Amazing stuff.

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Joe Beda said...

Hey Chris,

I've been sorely tempted to try out doing real medium format work for a while now too. I just don't think that I could carry around that much equipment!

I've never shot with a Leica, but what I hear, it is *the* camera for doing handheld film. It supposedly disappears from the equation. I should pick one up used if I can find it.